The BIGGEST Enemy of Your Website Traffic: Web Host to SEO

Some people do all they can at the SEO-end of their website and yet fail to achieve the desired result. Tired, discouraged and sad, they wonder “what now?

The reason behind poor website traffic could be plenty. However, there’s one factor, in particular, that plays the biggest spoiler for your website. Sadly, it is also a factor that’s often overlooked.


  • No one is visiting your website not because it is bad.
  • Your website is loading slowly not because there’s too much of CSS and JavaScript.
  • Your organic reach to relevant audience of particular location is low not because content is poor.
  • You’re not driving desired customer action not because something important is missing on website.

There could be a whole wide range of possibilities behind these problems. However, more often than not, unexpectedly, it is your shared or dedicated server hosting company that fuels them all.

Web Hosting is The Biggest Enemy of Website Traffic

Not many realize but web host influence SEO. Poor web hosting yields a range of direct and indirect affects that goes on to reduce your website traffic, lower sales and nearly halt the retention rate. In short, your web host has the potential to kill your entire business. (And we’re not even exaggerating).

Here are 3 ways web hosting affect SEO:


  • Website Speed


It’s no secret that Google and other search engines factor website speed at the very front. So having your website run fast and smooth is nothing less than essential. Poor and congested hosting server can significantly reduce the speed of websites. And when the website is slow, here’s what happens:

  • 1 second delay in webpage response, conversion can be reduced by 7 percent
  • 50 percent of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less
  • If a website takes beyond 3-seconds loading time, traffic can be reduced by 40 percent

So if you’re using cheap hosting India with very limited bandwidth and space that’s affecting the speed performance of your website, it’s time to upgrade the plan. Or simply change the hosting company.


  • Website Downtime


Would you return back to a website if its speed is slow and it experiences sudden crashes and downtimes? Exactly!!! That’s how your audience feels about your website. ‘Downtime’ usually means your website is inaccessible due to problems with the server it is hosted on.

While most of the domain hosting provider in India and across the world promises “99.9% uptime guarantee”, you can’t take their words at face value. If you experience downtime, even if it’s occasional, you’re destroying your customer retention strategy. You’re also sighing away countless prospects. If this is the case, complain to your web hosting company. If they don’t take necessary steps or offer outrageously expensive plans, look for someone better.


  • Website Hosting Location


Many argue that website hosting location affect SEO only marginally. There could be plenty of debates on this margin. Bottomline is, at a time when businesses are fighting for seconds of audiences’ attention, even if its location has “small” affect, noting and fixing it is very important.  

The distance between the location your website is hosted and the target audience plays an important role in terms of what search engines see as “relevant”. For example, for someone based in USA, the search engine will prioritize USA-based websites at the top in its SERP. This means, like, if your target audience is mainly located in India but your hosting server is located in some other country, it’s negatively influencing your website traffic. So identify where your audience and prospective customers are based and then select your hosting company.

These are 3 ways how your web hosting affects SEO. So don’t let mediocrity of your web hosting provider reduce your website traffic. Find a good Windows and Linux server hosting India based today.

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