As exciting as the idea of having a beautiful website is, there exist plenty of complexities behind the scene that plays a complete spoiler, for beginners in particular. One of the foremost challenges is choosing the best web hosting service provider.

While it may look like something quite easy, in reality it’s much difficult than expected. A wide range of factors need to considered. And this eventually leaves big room for making mistakes. One way or another, if you’re aren’t fully prepared, you fall flat with some wrong decision. And if you know the hassle of changing your web hosting service provider, wrong decision is the last thing you would want here.

Are you looking to buy shared or dedicated server hosting?

Here are 5 important factors you should consider to escape that ‘wrong decision’ and play the field safely and accurately:

1. You don’t need that much of disk space—or do you?
You can never anticipate the disk space and bandwidth you are going to need in advance. So to save yourself few bucks, never settle for a plan that offers low space and bandwidth. Also, at the same time, don’t get carried away with the term “unlimited”—there’s nothing unlimited in the web hosting world. Before buying, know the upper limit of these “unlimited” space offers.

2. You would need technical support regularly
Unless you love referring troubleshooting tips and guides every time, you want a web host service provider that offers good technical support. Because even if you think you’re technically good, you would regularly need third party’s help to fix little and big issues every once in a while.

3. Can you manage and work on that control panel
Different web hosting companies have different backend interface. Some offer a complex platform with too much of unnecessary features and poor navigation, others have a very simplified control panel. You want to pick something with which you’re comfortable. So before committing to anyone, try their demos and see if you can manage everything behind-the-doors smoothly and efficiently. If not, move on to the next name.

4. An open eye to all the hidden charges
Some web host provider may offer “free” plans and others may claim their plans are the “cheapest”—NEVER take their words for face value. Many a times, these companies have hidden charges that spurts to the scene after you commit to them. So before going with anyone, see carefully what kind of additional fees do they charge.

5. Choose the right type of web hosting
There exist many different types of web hosting—right from shared to dedicated server, VPS to cloud hosting. Each of these plans comes with the option of either Windows or Linux server hosting India. So don’t rush to select anyone. Factor various aspects, prioritize your own needs and requirements, and it is only then decide. If confused here, you can directly contact respective web hosting companies for assistance.

These are 5 important aspects you should have in your mind all throughout when selecting your web host company. Be careful, have your eyes open and have a reliable hosting partner by your side.

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