How to Find the Best WordPress Hosting? (10 Powerful Tips)

WordPress powers more than 25 percent of the entire internet with almost 60 percent share in the Content Management Systems market. So if you’re planning to make a new website, much like millions out there, it is quite likely that you’ve planned to go with this powerful CMS.

Picking WordPress is quite an obvious choice—picking web hosting isn’t. With so many paid and free web hosting providers India based available, cluttering this crowd to find an ideal suit for yourself is a bit difficult.

Pick the wrong web host and deal with the seamless problems that come with it—too much downtime, poor security and the “worst customer support”.

To help you set your foot in the right direction, here are 10 powerful tips you should follow closely:


  • Don’t blindly chase the big names


There are selected few names in this industry that enjoys all the attention. Sure they might be offering reliable hosting solution, but they don’t necessarily fit in everyone’s requirement and preference. So instead of blinding following the “best windows and Linux server hosting India based companies” recommendations, keep your eyes open to find yourself the right name.


  • Understand your individual needs and requirements


What you have is individual need that varies from others’. So to find yourself the best web host provider, you need to set your own parameters. How you do that? By knowing exactly what you want. So identify your distinct requirements—how much space and bandwidth you want, what’s your budget and more.


  • Choose a cost-effective plan


There exists few really good cheap Hosting India based companies. And they offer many different plans to meet various needs of the clients/businesses. Like mentioned above, know what you need and then select the most appropriate and cost-effective plan.


  • Do they offer dedicated WordPress hosting plan?


Many cloud hosting providers in India today offer dedicated WordPress hosting plans. If you are not technical, installing CMS on your server could be quite confusing. So, it is best you pick from these dedicated plans.


  • Be careful of the hidden charges


One area where you have to be very careful is the cost. Some of these web host providers claim they offer “cheapest plan” when, in fact, they have a range of hidden charges stacked in line. So before you go any one direction, be sure of such hidden and unclaimed charges.


  • Gauge reputation of your domain hosting provider in India


How well is your shared or dedicated server hosting reputed in the market? How much do people trust this company? What is their past and current clients’ experience? Gauge all these aspects before making your final decision.


  • Try their control panel before you commit to them


Again, if you aren’t tech-proficient, handling the backend of your web host could be problematic. So before you pay and commit to any one name, try the demo of their control panel. See if you’re comfortable managing everything there.


  • Prioritize their customer support at the very top


The customer support of web host companies is an important part. What if you don’t understand how to control the technical end? What if you mess things up by using the wrong features? At times like these and more, customer support comes to play a messiah for you. So prioritize this at the very top.


  • Don’t take more than what you need


Some people signup for big features, more space and higher bandwidth when they don’t even need it. This increases the overall cost and brings more features that do nothing but confuse the users even more. So never take more than what you need.


  • Look for additional features/facilities


There are few other ends that you should undertake as well. Factor SSL certificate, email service, security, data backup, statistics, logs and more. These features further add to your website functioning, making your experience rich.

These are 10 powerful tips that will help you find the best paid or free web hosting India based company. Keep your eyes open, be sensible, prioritize every aspect and then make the right decision.

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