In a list of confusions for someone creating a website with no professional help whatsoever is to decide whether to go with dedicated server hosting or free web hosting. For those limited in their budget, the latter option might sound too appealing. However, just like every bright thing is not gold, “free web hosting India” has its flaws too. So before people make any big decision, they should weigh in all the pros and cons of their decisions.

Are you looking for a nice website hosting too? But confused if should go with the free or paid service provider?

Here are few benefits and drawbacks you should consider through the process:

Free Web Hosting

  • You don’t have to pay money for that (didn’t name gave it away?)
  • The interface (or cPanel or dashboard) is often easy to handle
  • Easy website installer and builder
  • The learning curve is small


  • There are often hidden charges
  • Limited disk space and bandwidth
  • No or limited email accounts
  • No or poor customer support
  • Unreliable platform with lots of glitches
  • Slow and poor uptime
  • Limited features

Paid Dedicated Server Hosting


  • Excellent customer support
  • High uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited or high disk space and bandwidth
  • Free or decent email services
  • Feature-filled cPanel
  • Optimized website speed and features
  • Easy and quick configuration


  • You have to pay money for it (the better the hosting plan is, higher is the price)
  • It requires a bit of technical knowledge
  • Managing the account can be time-consuming
  • The learning curve is long and tedious

(Note: These pros and cons vary from hosting service providers to hosting service providers.)

Which Type of Hosting Should You Go With?

Both the hosting options (free and paid) have advantages and disadvantages. So before deciding on anyone, you must weigh in on these pointers. But then again, it’s easier said than done. Deciding which way to go can be confusing. Here are 3 important factors to know which hosting type and plan is ideal for you:

1. Your distinct needs Some people may find free web hosting quite handy. This doesn’t necessarily means that’s how it is going to be even for you. After all you have distinct needs and requirements. So know what type of website (or app) you want to host? Are your goals long-term or short-term? Will your website be receiving lots of traffic? Do you want a simple blog or company website? Know exactly what you want and then decide accordingly.

2. Your budget Budget is of course the most important factor. It is always advised that if you can easily afford paid hosting, go for it.

3. Your Technical Proficiency When you’re going for the free web hosting, don’t expect customer support. You’ll have to rely on troubleshooting a lot. So if you aren’t technically proficient, having reliable support system of paid host service provider might be much more convenient and time-efficient for you.

Take these 3 factors under consideration and then decide whether to go for free or paid hosting service provider. There’s also a middle path, if you’re still confused. There exist many cheap hosting India plans who offer decent features and reliability—you can go with them.

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